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Advanced Mechanical Cares.

Every winter season Advanced Mechanical gives away 1 to 2 furnaces to people in need.

Snowstorm angel provides warmth

About 11 p.m. Tuesday, I noticed the house seemed chilly and checked the thermostat only to find the temp had dropped about 2 degrees. When I turned up the thermostat, only the fan ran; no heat materialized. I trekked outside to check the exhaust pipe and cleared away the accumulating snow. Still no heat. Then panic set in because my two grandsons were spending the night since their day care was closed the next day. I called 911 asking if any heating contractor was on call for just such emergencies and was told none were. I called two contractors who do offer after-hours service, but they said they were not making calls because of the weather.

My third try was to Advanced Mechanical in Davenport. Within a half hour, Dan, the person I now call my snowstorm angel, appeared at my door and very quickly fixed the heating problem.

I am truly, truly grateful to Advanced Mechanical and especially Dan, who went above and beyond to get a potentially horrible situation resolved on such a miserable night.

Thank you both!
Beverly Hoy

Source: Quad City Times
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